How to sign up Hotmail?

Hotmail email accounts have been known since 2013 as an Outlook account, but email users can still sign up Hotmail email service by taking the following steps:

  • Visit the Hotmail homepage, via your computer’s browser, via your mobile device’s Google application, choose to log in or access your login page directly via link.
  • Click on the Register now, appears at the bottom of the blue login page.
  • A new page titled “Create Microsoft account” appears. This page requires users to enter their first and last name, then enter the username. At the very least, it is best to combine lowercase and lowercase numbers and letters to protect your account from hackers. A safe place, to see them if you forget your password or e-mail.
  • On the same page, users complete the rest of the requested data, the country or region they live in, selected from the list of options, date of birth by day, month, year and gender.
  • We go to a box to help us protect your information, ask users to select the country code from the list of options, then enter a personal phone number to contact the user directly in case of loss. password and request to retrieve.
  • Finally, users must read the Microsoft Service Agreement to learn about terms of use and privacy.
  • At the bottom of the page are some overlapping numbers and characters and the user is required to enter the correct box below, to ensure Hotmail that a real person is opening a new account and not the computer that is trying to infiltrate the site.
  • Finally, users must read the Microsoft Service Agreement to learn about terms of use and privacy.
  • Click the Create account button that clearly displays at the bottom of the screen in a long blue rectangle, and then a new page appears, the user’s new email.
  • Users can now enjoy the email services provided by Hotmail website for their subscribers.
  • Note: You should use a mixed password when creating an email service and the meaning of a compound word means that it contains numbers, lowercase letters and special characters.

Hotmail feature

  • Using Hotmail’s email service has a number of features and benefits, the most important of which are:
  • Easy: Hotmail is easier and simpler than other email applications.
  • No software required: Hotmail email does not require any special program for email service, it only needs a web browser to run.
  • Security: Hotmail provides the ability to determine the presence of viruses and then delete them and can prevent any spam.
  • Help: Hotmail technical support can be accessed when a problem occurs.
  • Link to social media sites: Hotmail emails can be linked and synced with any user account on social media.

What is Hotmail

Hotmail is known as an email service via the Internet that allows users to send and receive email. Hotmail is one of the most popular services available on the Internet. The number of users reached nearly 100 million in 2001. In 1997, it turned Hotmail into a new brand called Outlook.